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Maryanne Evans

Social Media Manager

Yes. It’s advertised correctly and absolutely perfect! Love it so far. Certainly will buy more courses from Mark Meyerson.

Tyler Howard

Marketing Manager

Very good content and instructor, the advanced knowledge in here definitely surpasses the trying offered in Google Skillshop.

Alex Atkinson

Blogger, traveler

Exceeded all expectations, thank you for all your valuable knowledge Mark!
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Hey! I'm Mark Meyerson

I have 11 years+ experience managing digital marketing campaigns. I have a strong interest in machine learning and developing ways to improve campaign performance through data driven insights. I shared many of these insights throughout the courses.

My time is divided between managing a digital marketing agency, growing an eCommerce website, building proprietary optimization tools, teaching courses and consulting for major brand names. In the courses I bring my experiences working with 100’s of different clients over the years and what I’ve learnt, so it is likely I have dealt with a business similar to yours.

My key skill sets include: advanced paid media strategies, digital analytics, data driven machine learning optimization and developing strategic marketing models for modern day digital strategies. I have drawn upon these skill sets to develop ideas that I hope you will find interesting and innovative.
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What Our Students Are Saying

Ron Wiener

CEO @Optival
Mark took numerous deep dives into topics and strategies that I was either only familiar with or wasn't aware of at all. He consistently used comprehensive in-platform walkthrough examples, across what seemed to be nearly a dozen or more real accounts generating real numbers, in a manner that helped me think creatively about my own implementation and critically about the process.

Ashleigh Effinger

Mark and his course are “the truth” no fluff! 98% of the competition is definitely NOT employing more than 2 or 3 of these advanced strategies let alone ALL of them! This course has far EXCEEDED my expectations! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for REAL advanced Google Ads strategies that are current and I found a very short detailed eBook with a few very solid strategies. I was so impressed that I reached out to Mark personally via email and that lead me here to his course packed with even more advanced strategies! Take this course it is worth it’s weight in gold!

Michelle Yeauger

I am learning A LOT. The scripts and resources will come in handy too. Thank you.

Christos Zafeiridis

This was a very good advanced Google Ads lesson full of useful information. Sometimes it could go even deeper in terms of analysis and explain some topics in ever more detail. But generally it helped me a lot further improve my understanding and technical knowledge. Highly recommended.

Tyler Howard

Very good content and instructor, the advanced knowledge in here definitely surpasses the trying offered in Google Skillshop.
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