Google Ads for Ecommerce Businesses

Build specialised ecommerce campaigns to drive revenue for your business - strategy, optimisation and reporting.​

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7 Lessons
This video reviews what we will cover in the course.
We review the theory behind the account structure for setting up campaigns in Google Ads.
Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) help you leverage long tail keywords and send hyper relevant search terms direct to product landing page.  For any large ecommerce platform these campaigns can give you a significant edge.

We look at how best to implement search campaigns to drive traffic to category sections on your site.

Ad Customisers are a great tool for creating hyper relevant ads for users. Learn more about how to implement these using a  business data feed and customised ad text.

We discuss the optimal way to setup your Google Shopping Campaigns. This setup allows for a large coverage of product SKU’s, creates an easy optimisation process to generate strong ROI.
We discuss the right approach for setting up retargeting for an eCommerce retailer. This includes retargeting within the tiers of the marketing funnel. We also look at using similar audiences and IF statements within adcopy.
For a large eCommerce site, one of the common pitfalls is managing landing pages. This 404 error error script provides a practical solution for checking 404 errors in your landing pages automatically. This is a great solution for any large eCommerce retailer.
We discuss the difference between ecommerce and enhanced ecommerce and review Google Analytics features for ecommerce.
A step by step guide for setting up ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics.  This includes changes within GA, an overview of the code requirements and an overview of ecommerce CMS software.
An in-depth review of ecommerce reports within Google Analytics and practical ways to use them.
We discuss what well cover and talk about the future of Google Shopping and why the future of shopping will be focused on product feeds.
We discuss the concept of feeds and the required fields for Google Shopping feed. We also talk about how to generate these product feeds from different CMS’s and 3rd party tools.
This lecture shows you how to setup and navigate the Merchant Centre including adding and reviewing feeds.
We review the general rules & best practice for feed policy.

We discuss ways of improving the quality of feeds which ultimately leads to stronger campaign performance.  This includes best practice for product titles and using Merchant Centre Rules to set titles.

We dig deeper into more advanced Merchant Centre features.


What people are saying

Yejin Lim

I was very happy with the course contents and layout. All the examples were from real cases which helped me to get better grasp of the idea around Google Shopping. He made sure to touch base on the ideal campaign structure, feed optimisation and troubleshooting.. etc. Those were exactly what I’ve been expecting from a google shopping course.

Chris Hamlin

The course is great. Very easy to follow and very practical. I’m already using some of the things that Mark describes in the course. Highly recommended!

Alex Leoussis

This is a well structured, to the point course. There are a lot of information straight to the point, without the jibber jabber of many instructors who are trying to show a great course length. The instructor is knowledgeable about his topic and he shows some really nice tips. I loved that he took the Google Shopping Ads a bit deeper than usual and I love that he exploited a bit about the capabilities someone has through the enhanced e-commerce reports in Google Analytics.

Jon Raubenheimer

Marks course was very informative and to the point. He has managed to simplify Google Shopping, which can appear very complex and challenging. I highly recommend this course.