Advanced Google Ads Audit - Mini Course

Audit Google Ads accounts like a Pro! We teach you the key issues to look for when conducting a Google Ads audit. Get ready to dive into the details!


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Course Overview

What You Will Learn

Are There Any Prerequisites?

Learning Path

1 Lesson

This lecture reviews the sections of the audit that we will be looking at. There is also a downloadable audit checklist PDF.
We look at ideal account structures and how often campaigns are not planned and set up properly. We review ideal structures for e-commerce and Google Shopping Campaigns.
We review settings at the campaign level and default settings that should be changed but often are not and the issues this can cause. We also discuss device, audience and scheduling bidding, where to review them and what to look for.

We take a deep dive into the adgroup.  We look at best practice for Ads, extensions and keywords and what people often forget to do.  We also talk about audiences and RLSA.

Here we discuss other issues an AdWords account can have outside of the regular structure. We uncover whether experiments are being used, we discuss the use of scripts, conversion tracking & landing pages.


What people are saying

Gerardo Calvo

Great tips and examples. Fast, efficient and to the point.

Alex Atkinson

Exceeded all expectations, thank you for all your valuable knowledge Mark!

Laura Manenti

Really useful, clear and something handy to easily put in practice. I liked also that you were showing in practice how to apply the concepts explained.

Lisa Visser

Learning a lot of valuable things I did not know before.
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