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Audit Google Ads accounts like a Pro! We teach you the key issues to look for when conducting a Google Ads audit. Get ready to dive into the details!






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Course Overview

There are 5 videos in this course.  Each video is approximately 6 minutes long, so you should be able to complete the audit course in under 30 minutes.

We cover: 

  • Auditing the account structure
  • Campaign settings
  • The ins and outs of Ad Groups
  • Other issues to look for

We will look at ideal structures for ad accounts and what can sometimes go wrong. This includes ecommerce and Google Shopping campaigns.

On a campaign level we review key settings and ways account managers can be tripped up. We also look at audiences, scheduling and device relevant bidding.

We review best practice for ad copy, extensions and keywords and what people often forget to do.

We’ll also look at other issues within Google Ads accounts like underutilized features. These are issues and notes we’ve have picked up over the years of auditing 1000’s of accounts. We know a thing or two about auditing! This is also the same process we take when we audit our own client accounts. This means you are learning what an actual digital marketing agency does when they audit your account.

Are there any prerequisites?

Learning Path

This lecture reviews the sections of the audit that we will be looking at. There is also a downloadable audit checklist PDF

We look at ideal account structures and how often campaigns are not planned and set up properly. We review ideal structures for e-commerce and Google Shopping Campaigns

We review settings at the campaign level and default settings that should be changed but often are not and the issues this can cause.  We also discuss device, audience and scheduling bidding, where to review them and what to look for

We take a deep dive into the adgroup.  We look at best practice for Ads, extensions and keywords and what people often forget to do.  We also talk about audiences and RLSA.

Here we discuss other issues an AdWords account can have outside of the regular structure.  We uncover whether experiments are being used, we discuss the use of scripts, conversion tracking & landing pages

What people are saying

Great tips and examples. Fast, efficient and to the point.


Gerardo Calvo

Exceeded all expectations, thank you for all your valuable knowledge Mark!


Alex Atkinson

Really useful, clear and something handy to easily put in practice. I liked also that you were showing in practice how to apply the concepts explained.


Laura Manenti

Learning a lot of valuable things I did not know before.


Lisa Visser

Mark and his course are “the truth” no fluff! 98% of the competition is definitely NOT employing more than 2 or 3 of these advanced strategies let alone ALL of them! This course has far EXCEEDED my expectations! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for REAL advanced Google Ads strategies that are current and I found a very short detailed eBook with a few very solid strategies. I was so impressed that I reached out to Mark personally via email and that lead me here to his course packed with even more advanced strategies! Take this course it is worth it’s weight in gold!


Ashleigh Effinger

I am learning A LOT. The scripts and resources will come in handy too. Thank you.


Michelle Yeauger

This was a very good advanced Google Ads lesson full of useful information. Sometimes it could go even deeper in terms of analysis and explain some topics in ever more detail. But generally it helped me a lot further improve my understanding and technical knowledge. Highly recommended.


Christos Zafeiridis

Very good content and instructor, the advanced knowledge in here definitely surpasses the trying offered in Google Skillshop. Excited to put the scripts into practice on some of my ad accounts


Tyler Howard

Great course, well paced with good resources to back up the lecture content.


Nick McHugh

Yes. It’s advertised correctly and absolutely perfect! Love it so far. Certainly will buy more courses from Mark Meyerson.


Maryanne Evans

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